Bridge Tutorial Series

Welcome to the tutorial series covering Bridge, a full Mixed Reality development kit for iPhone by Occipital.   Thanks goes to Occipital for their collaboration and sponsorship of these videos.

To get a Bridge development kit, head over to:

0.0b Bridge Overview v2-2.png


What's in the Bridge dev kit; Bridge Engine, Bridget sample, OpenBE components, and the Bridge Engine for Unity plugin.

0.1 Getting Started with Bridge Development.png

Getting Started with Bridge Development
Running the Bridget Sample for the First Time

Getting started with the basics, cloning the repo and building the Bridget sample.

0.2b Bridge for Unity.png

Bridge for Unity - Part 1

For this tutorial, we’re focusing on just getting up and running the Mixed Reality example included in the Bridge Engine for Unity package.


Bridge for Unity - Part 2

In this new tutorial, we’ll level up your capabilities by walking you though creating your own Bridge app in Unity, from start to finish.

We’ll dive into useful development features, like bringing your own environment scans into Unity for quicker development times and pixel-perfect model placement.

If you already have an existing Google VR app, you’ll be able to follow along and upgrade it to use Bridge Engine, enabling both the Bridge Controller and 6-DoF positional tracking. The techniques in this video will help accelerate the development of your own app, getting you to launch that much quicker!